How To Become An ADI

It is important to have an understanding of what is required when thinking of becoming a driving instructor.

The first thing you will need to do is to apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to become an ADI. To do this you will need to inform them of your current driving licence and any offences.

You must have held a full licence for at least 3 years.

You must be over 21.


You – the student is the most important aspect.

If you can answer to yes to the above, you have what is required to qualify as a driving instructor. The tests are not that difficult, you will have many of the skills that are required already to pass.

Put the time and effort into your training and you have the ability to pass – try and cut corners or not put the time and study into that which you will be learning you could become a statistic of those who do not pass as a driving instructor.

Our tutor’s have over 30 years of driving experience, they are qualified driving instructors with a recorded high level of success training future driving instructors.

Next Steps

Once you have passed your dbs check and obtained your unique reference number from the DVLA you can move onto the first of your three tests to qualify for a full ADI Licence.


The theory test is an enhanced version of the theory test taken towards passing your driving licence. Depending upon when you passed your driving test, this may be something your have taken or maybe you passed your driving test prior to this being introduced in 1996.

The theory test consists of a two – part test. The first part is a multiple-choice section. The second part is hazard perception.

It is important that you study this section thoroughly, as a driving instructor you are expected to have a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of this, to be able to teach this to your prospective students. Not only will this help you further in your career as an instructor but will also enable you to be ready for the next two sections of your ADI tests.

We can provide you with all your study material required, along with valuable advice and training from one of our ADI trainers regarding your theory test.

Quite often failures in Part 2 & 3 are because of a lack of underpinning knowledge within the theory training not taken seriously, although a lot of this is common sense, some of it isn’t and thorough training within this section should be treated as important as the rest of the course.


You will already be an experienced driver, the examiner will want you to demonstrate your driving skills, knowledge, and procedures. You will be expected to prove that your driving is of a standard to be able to understand what a pupil will need to achieve to pass their own test.

Your part 2 driving test will be a more enhanced test than that of a standard driving test. You will be required to be self-disciplined as well as demonstrating driving skills. This is achieved through your training from our tutors as well as time you will spend in practising and studying for enhancing your skills.

It is likely that you may have developed ‘bad’ habits as a seasoned driver, therefore you will be expected to have approximately 40 hours of teaching one to one with our tutor, our unique style of teaching will be on the road not wasting time in a classroom. We will ensure that you have achieved the enhanced standard required to not only pass the part 2 test but to improve you skills towards teaching your own students.


This is the final part of the ADI testing program. The examiner will want you to prove that you not only teach to a high standard, but that you can also adapt a lesson to suit changing circumstances, as well as comprehend and explain risk assessment throughout the whole lesson.

In the build up to your part three test we recommend that you apply for a PDI licence – Probationary Driving Instructor Certificate. Known as a pink badge. This will give you the ability to learn as you earn. You can start to have paying students whilst you perfect your teaching technique and skills. You must pass you part 3 within 6 months.

Our tutor will go through all of this in your continued training during your required additional 20 further hours of lessons.

In addition to this we recommend that you apply for a PDI licence – Probationary Driving Instructor Certificate. Known as a pink badge. This will give you the ability to learn as you earn. You can start to have paying students whilst you perfect your teaching technique and skills. You must pass you part 3 within 6 months.

You will be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories:

  • Lesson Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Teaching & Learning Strategies

You are required to score a minimum of 31 out of 51 to pass. Once passed you can then obtain your Approved Driving Instructor Certificate.


Not only are Driving Instructor tutors highly skilled in their abilities to teach new Driving instructors, they have a genuine interest in you fulling your desire to become a qualified driving instructor.

Our tutors concentrate on you as an individual able to work with your abilities and skills. They will help to build your confidence and are trained to see areas of training that you may be struggling with, helping you to overcome and build on your abilities and skills.

Compass Driving Instructor Training have been training new driving instructors for over 25 years. With an ethos to create competent, confident, and positive Approved Driving Instructors for today’s exacting driving standards.

Our tutors are skilled with modern techniques to teach in a calm, controlled, and client-based manner.

We teach all our students ONE TO ONE there is no time wasted in classrooms or having to share the vehicle with other students. We feel that it is so important to have individual training between you and your tutor. We are one of the few schools to offer this style of training.

The Uk has a real shortage for ADI Driving instructors, now is the perfect time to move into a new career as a Driving Instructor, if you meet the requirements call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team who will help you to achieve ambitions.

Your application can be refused if you have:

You will also need to have a Criminal record check or CRB check.

Your application is unlikely to be accepted if you’ve been:

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